Some things should be quintessentially un-Balinese

After 20 years of tolerating "Bali Belly", twisted ankles from "artistic" building practices and inescapable, sweltering heat, the owners decided that if you can't bring Bali to the west, then bring the best of the west to Bali.

Insect screens, (practically unknown in Bali) protect all bedroom and bathroom windows at Villa RaJa. All bedrooms are provided with both split air conditioning and fans and everything has been built to western safety design standards.

Kitchen staff are trained in international standards of hygiene and prepare food in two impeccably clean and modern kitchens (one for guests, one for kitchen staff). Of course, training is of little use when an ice block in your gin and tonic can put you on your back for a week. That is why the owners have installed a state of the art water purification plant, using colloidal silver filtration, the world's most effective water purification technology (as used on the NASA Space Shuttles).

Pure, totally safe drinking water is piped to all showers, basins etc in the house and a sophisticated secondary sewerage treatment system ensures that Villa RaJa only recycles clean, safe water back into the Balinese environment.