A villa that is a destination in itself

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"From the sands of Saudi to the beaches of Bali. The 13 hour trip was well worth it! None of us here want to leave Bali or the villa, but with our bags packed now and the morning breeze across our face we must say our farewell to a beautiful home and only pray that the next villa is as welcome and superbly located. Waking up to the rice fields each morning has been a blessing, you could not have picked a more suitable location. All your hard work, determination and patience for this villa has really shined and allowed many of us to have the best holiday imaginable. The villa, staff and the view. Magical. With much gratitude for your home and much sadness for leaving. I say "salam" or "peace" in Arabic.
Mona, Saudi Arabia

"What an amazing week, the villa is magic, a mixture of ancient culture with modern facilities. A perfect place for all (couples, families, young and old). Being here for a week.it's like food for the soul. I'm totally renewed and ready to take on the world. The staff have been world - class. Above all their attitude and friendly disposition. Always there when you need them, yet discreet at the same time. So thanks again. can't wait to come back!!! PS: I took so many photos my camera broke!"
Gee & Nelson from Sydney, Australia

"We love Villa Raja and have had a great time. It was lovely to finish of our trip in a quiet, traditional style accommodation and be away from the business of Tuban and Kuta. The kids love the pool and cinema room. The staff are very helpful, friendly and cook up good meals. Thanks for everything. Hope to see you all again soon."
The McGarry Family, South Australia

"What a relaxing and wonderful stay, the second time round! Iluh, Made and Wayan looked after us extremely well and watching the Australian Open in the movie room was great on the big screen. Many, many thanks again!"
Dr Joanne Richardson, Australia

"Thank you for a wonderful first time experience of Bali. The warm, friendly and helpful staff added to our great time with our good friends."
Brenton & Therese

"What a wonderful holiday and such a lovely villa to share with our friends. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff, Wayan, Made, Iluh and our driver Budhi. The food and hospitality have been truly amazing!!! You will often be in my thoughts."
Trista from Adeliade, South Australia

"Thank you for making this holiday the best family holiday ever. We will certainly recommend Villa Raja to our friends and other family. The staff have gone out of their way to make this villa feel like home and now we do we do not want to leave."
Hesham & family, Saudi Arabia

"Absolutely brilliant experience. The Villa is beautiful and the staff treat you like you're part of their family. I came to relax and enjoy the company of my good friends, the beauty and culture of Bali and the peace and quiet of this fantastic place. Congratulations to Villa Raja and thank you for providing life long memories"
George from Adelaide, Australia

"We arrived on a December evening, greeted with warm smiles and a beautiful sunset over the rice fields. We immediately felt at home and the kindness and helpfulness of Made, Wayan and Iluh throughout our two weeks have nurtured that that comfort. Meals were prepared wonderfully - I will especially miss the chicken curry and banana pancakes! Villa Raja is truly a hidden gem and I was thoroughly impressed by the detailed service, natural surroundings and exquisite time-honoured Balinese décor. Thank you for the lovely memories!"
Mana & Bonnie

"We had such a fabulous time at your gorgeous, peaceful and amazing villa! We will never be able to rent another villa that doesn't have a waterslide and a beautiful lawn for the children to play in. The staff, Wayan, Made and Iluh were lovely and very capable. The food was delicious and very local! Kiki was also very helpful. Thank you for sharing this very special place with our families. We hope to return soon!"
Donna, Tim, Michaella, Owen & Siena, U.S.A

"A wonderful time and a great vacation! The staff were fantastic and thanks to Made, Wayan and Iluh for their wonderful Balinese hospitality!"
The Wessel Family

"We had the time of our lives. This is a great place!"
Maiten & Jenine

"Love Villa Raja! Villa fit for a king!!!! Wish we didn't have to go!! Best holiday ever!!!"
Kim Khan Zaki

"Can't wait to come back! The best place to stay in Bali with excellent staff. Loved it."
Jaynee & Matt, Australia

"Staff were lovely! Food was amazing and the villa was magical. Can't wait to visit again!"
LeeAnn Mckee Scottland, Singapore

"I had the best birthday ever! Can't wait to come back! Best birthday feast also!"
Becky, UK

"Had an amazing time here. Thanks for everything"

"Paradise is here. Hope to come back very soon. Thank you for the beautiful attention the staff gave us. Thank you again. PS: And the food was wonderful!!!"
Franck, Christine, Nina and Paolo, France

"Our two families have had a wonderful holiday. After a week in Seminyak we first thought 12 days at Villa RaJa would be too long but as we pack our bags to leave we can safely say the time has flown by and we'd happily stay longer. The staff have been excellent and our kids have enjoyed all the attention. The slide was also a hit with them all. It has been a pleasure exploring the villa and after 12 days we are still noticing new things. The workmanship is beautiful."
The Campbells and Craigs, Dubai

"This was outstanding! The service, food, housekeeping etc was the best in Bali. The island is beautiful, beaches superb. I can't wait to come back in a few years. We were looking for a villa that would be a destination in itself and we certainly found that with Villa RaJa. Truly exquisite. A work of art filled with art. The island of Bali was amazing. So much to do and see. Our strongest memories will be of the gentle, ordinary people including all the staff at the villa. Our thanks again to Ngurah for inviting us to his wedding ceremony. It was a special day and a highlight of the trip. And to Kiki for her constant care and attention, our thanks. Vivi was so helpful making the rental arrangements and Nyoman a great referral for a driver. Thanks again Wayan, Made, Iluh, Ketut, Made, Made and Ngurah. It was a dream come true. You will be in our thoughts."
The Johnson family, USA.

"We had a wonderful time at Villa RaJa. With the perfect village view and the perfect moments. We can swim everyday with the lovely swimming pool and great people who help us every day. Without any doubt in their hearts. We hope next season we can stay here again because we love Villa Raja. Success for Villa Raja."
- Harry Trisal & his big family, Jakarta, Indonesia

"We had a wonderful time! What a beautiful villa with a fantastic setting! The staff gave great service with delicious food - we are totally hooked on Sate Lilit! Our little boy Harry (3) will miss them all very much. We very much hope to stay here again in the future. Thank you!"
Emma, Pete and Harry Bass, UK

"We've been to Bali several times but have always stayed in hotels. This was the first time we rented a villa. Luckily we chose Villa RaJa. We had lower expectations as we knew from previous experiences that what is shown on websites rarely tells the whole story. However, Villa RaJa is truly an exception. The description was not enough to describe the wonderful and unique experience we had during our 3 days. The staff went all out to fulfill our requests. The food was fantastic. The kids loved the pool and cinema. Thank you Villa RaJa for a great holiday!"
Harry, Cywi, Bianca & Kyara

"This was our first trip to Bali and it will not be our last. This place is magnificent. The villa is exquisite – a wonder in itself. The staff have been superb – the people are so friendly, open and full of smiles. We do not want to go back home. Thank you for all the hard effort you have put into building this villa so that people from other places can enjoy Bali."
Zamar, Saudi Arabia

"We have visited Bali many times and Villa RaJa is a delight. Ibu, Wayan and Made make it fun, especially as they chase Anabelle, always on the run. Our stay was wonderful. So relaxing and delightful. The slide is so cool with lots of good memories of the pool. The rice paddies give a special aura, even when the TV is blasting Dora! Thank you all at Villa RaJa for a wonderful stay! PS: the food was great too, yummy!"
John Mueller & family, Colorado USA

"Villa Raja is king! We shall tell all our friends at home in San Diego about it. Peace and love."
- Dan, Yvonne, Kylie and Jessie, U.S.A

"We really enjoyed staying in this palace- the setting is magnificent and the staff were always helpful and obliging. Our first trip to Bali as well! It was truly memorable.
The Hunters, Australia

"Villa RaJa what can we say aside from WOW. A Balinese utopia with all of the comforts any human being would desire!! Mixing traditional Balinese style... with a dash of hippy thrown in for good measure!! We are so grateful for staying in this paradise. Having Wayan, Iluh and Made "on tap" has been a real treat. I wish they could come home with us!!! Can't wait to come back soon."
Jo and Bec, Australia

"We really enjoyed our third stay at Villa Raja. We hope to come back soon! Wayan, Ilu and Made were again very helpful and nice to us and the kids. We will really miss them. The children also like the newcomers, the turtles, a lot! Villa Raja is really "child friendly" which of course is very important to us!"
Naomi, Philippe, Marie, Tom, Louis, Julie, Nonno & Nonna, France

"A stunningly designed villa. We really appreciated the attention to detail and beautiful finishes. Wonderfully helpful and friendly staff, always a ready smile. It was so interesting to see the two week progression of rice planting and attending to fields. We look forward to coming again."
Ian and Karen, Dubai

"We had a very nice stay again in Villa Raja! Thanks to Ibu Wayan, Ibu Ilu and Pak Made for all the good care and especially the very nice food! And Kiki for managing our stay. Our kids will miss them a lot! We hope to come back for our next stay and see them all again! Many thanks, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!"
Naomi, Philippe, Marie, Tom, Louis, Julie, Nonno & Nonna, France

"First time in Bali! We had a beautiful stay, despite the constant rain (we now know to come back in the dry season.) Thank you for the beautiful smiles and great service from Ilu, Wayan and Made, and also Kiki of course. We had great times and hope to be back soon!"
Adrian, Marie, Francois, Tokyo

"Here is heaven. We had a great time. Appreciate all the staff and Kiki. We will be back for sure."
Harry & Family, Taiwan

"We had a great weekend in Bali. A truly unique Villa."
Ruth & Ruben

"Fantastic! We had a great stay. Great food- our toddler loved the corn kroket- yummy! We also enjoyed the rice paddy view - great weather too. Also, very lovely staff - thank you. Thank you again."
Andrew & Nila Gibb, Singapore

"Needed 2 days just to explore and enjoy (and photograph) all the little surprises and different angles. An absolute joy to stay in. We especially enjoyed the tranquility, space, ambience, birds and the rest. The pool was frequently used - deep and clear and warm enough to stay in even for North Queenslanders (!) Wayan cooked up a storm and Iluh and Made had constant smiles while they cleaned and washed and pampered us. And Vivi gave superb dining and sightseeing advice. A fantastic experience - we'll be back."
Dr Joanne Richardson, Australia

Children's Comments

"I like to stay in Villa Raja. And the staff are nice to us. I will really miss them. I love to swim in the swimming pool and go on the slide. This villa has nice decorations as well. The fishes I also like. It is fun to give them food. And the view of the rice fields is very pretty."
Marie, France

"Dear Villa Raja, I loved staying with you. I'll miss it so much most of all the pool and the fish. We hope to come back thank u so much for letting us stay here P.S. We will come back soon."
Lauren, Singapore

"I have had the best time in Villa Raja. I love the cinema room. Great food."
Ashlyn (11), Australia